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Local Knowledge & Climate Change Adaptation Project (LKCCAP)

Welcome to LKCCAP’s home on the web!

LKCCAP is an international research collaboratory among U.S. and Tanzania researchers. The research examines human-environmental dynamics of local-level climate change adaptation along four altitudinal gradients in northern Tanzania. The project’s overarching objective is to understand the key interactions between local knowledge systems and adaptive capacity to climate change in light of a suite of local institutional changes in rural Tanzania that may enhance and inhibit trajectories of adaptation. It is based on new and existing data from the highlands to semi-arid zones of northern Tanzania. The project methodology features intensive field research and the development of a participatory GIS (PGIS) with multimedia and online tools that will enable its use for scenario building and curricular activities.

The LKCCAP research team is interdisciplinary and includes expertise in development geography, disaster risk management, economics, ecology, cultural linguistics, geographic information science and climatology. LKCCAP’s collaborating institutions include Ohio University (USA), Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), Center for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology (Tanzania), and Michigan State University (USA).