Eneo la Masomo
Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Gradient Based Transects

LKCCAP employs a suite of complementary field research activities to help identify variations in household and community-level adaptive capacity along four transects of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the North Pare mountains (see map of study area-hyperlink). Based on environmental and livelihood characteristics, the research team selected in each district highland, midland, and lowland villages to collect data. Extensive key informant interviewing and a household survey sampled of 650 households sampled from 16 villages in 4 districts (Moshi Rural, Rombo, and Taveta District (Kenya) along the Kilimanjaro gradient and Mwanga and Same Districts along the Pare gradient). After initial scoping field trips, the gradient in Mwanga District was selected for intensive fieldwork. The project is building community relationships and conducting field work in three villages along the gradient: Mangio (1,475 m), Lambo (1145 m), and Kirya (690 m). The location of these and other survey sites are shown on the downloadable maps linked on this page, and on the interactive online maps available through the PGIS section of this website.